About Us

LYNDA (Owner 1995-2018)
B.C. (Before Cappoochino’s) Lynda had a thriving career in the insurance industry; but her passion was dogs. She followed that passion when she opened Cappoochino’s Dog Wash and Grooming Salon in 1995 at this same 3640 S. Moorland Road location.
Lynda was spurred to action after seeing a dog wash her sister frequented in San Diego. Soon after, Cappoochino’s was born—The Midwest’s first do-it-yourself (DIY) dog wash! Since Lynda’s original business plan included a coffee bar, initially half the space included an Italian café where patrons could sit and sip freshly brewed cappuccino, lattes, espresso, and Italian sodas; thus, the business name Cappoochino’s. As the business grew, the café gave way to needed grooming and washing space.

When Lynda prepared to retire this year, she sought someone who would operate Cappoochino’s with the same care and concern she poured into the business for 23 years. In early March, Anna appeared in Lynda’s salon; and Lynda knew the right person was standing in front of her. Don’t worry . . . Lynda is keeping a part-time grooming schedule at Cappoochino’s while enjoying semi-retirement; and her niece Amy will also continue to work at Cappoochino’s.

ANNA (Owner May 1, 2018--)
New owner Anna Miller learned about the business opportunity through her mom, a client of Lynda’s. Although Anna’s career has been in a non-dog related industry, she always has had compassion for animals. She grew up in an animal-loving family and had an early start looking out for creatures of all kinds (found animals, injured animals, and pets no one else seemed to want). She “walked the talk” through volunteer work at a local humane society, her pursuit for safe homes for hard-to-place pets, and her relentless tracking of abandoned animals encountered on business trips.

However, she explains, her life forever changed when she and her family visited a rescue in spring 2015 after the death of their dog Jack. There, Anna found Daniel.
Daniel, recently out of a hoarding situation, was excruciatingly frightened; he cowered and whimpered in corners of the rescue kennel and shied away from human contact. His only comfort seemed to be in in the company of another dog named Andrew, from the same hoarding situation and housed in an adjacent kennel. Anna quickly realized that the characteristics Daniel exhibited severely limited his adoption opportunities; as a result, both dogs came home to Wisconsin.
Three years after adoption, with Anna’s unconditional love and patience, Daniel’s transformation has been joyful to watch.

Anna’s love of dogs led her to Cappoochino’s, and with Lynda Thayer’s mentorship and Amy’s assistance, Anna is prepared to write the next chapter of Cappoochino’s.
So Cappoochino’s story continues: Anna looks forward to meeting all the current and new customers; and the customers can look forward to the same quality washing and grooming services as in the past, in addition to mini in-house presentations, social media tips, and distinctive pet products—all aimed at promoting healthy, happy lifestyles for Cappoochino’s clientele. Keeps abreast of Cappoochino’s activities by visiting us at the salon or visiting our website (